What I Ate In A Week (Healthy + Homemade)


Here we go again. It’s another hodgepodge of everything I ate in the past week, from the classic kimchi jjigae to experimenting with recipes with our new air fryer. Let’s feast for a week~?


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  1. Jenn Im says

    We've got another week of food, folks! By the way, my kimchi jjigae recipe is in this video: https://youtu.be/MO7NtZcdjpY I just added a squirt of gochujang + rice cakes. n_n

  2. rinny rinny says

    Ben may be influenced by jenn's ''mmm''?

  3. Yolanda Sutton says

    I like that you share some meals with Ben but also have solo meals. Shows you both can cook! Which is so refreshing

  4. skeetavint says

    You guys are just the CUTEST couple!!

  5. Man Nguyen says

    somehow you made the food look even better . More of these!

  6. Tammy Doan says

    May I ask what brand is your rice cooker?

  7. Natalie B says

    do you make your dumplings or buy them?!

  8. Jenny Jung says

    I've watched your popular weight loss video from 6 years ago. I see that you have carb in every single of your meal. How do you maintain your weight? I thought your advice was reducing amount of carb consumption to keep your healthy weight.

  9. David Chia says

    I every day some times eat ? fish and chicken for lunch and dinner ?

  10. David Chia says

    Pizza is my favorite I like eating it for lunch! ?????

  11. David Chia says

    Jenn your husband Ben is so handsome

  12. Melo Moikangwe says

    I am obsessed with your videos ?

  13. Daniela Romero says

    Loved the video

  14. Jenna Abuhannoud says

    Where do you get all your kitchen supplies, their so aesthetic! Could you do a video about it

  15. Anissa B says

    omg please drop the orange shrimp/tofu recipe, it looks so good!!

  16. POUBELLE says

    Tell me why her pot is more prettier than me?

  17. Henderson's Melbourne says

    Sis the way you treat food and every single meal with enjoyment and simplicity is so amazing to see. It rly inspires me to approach food with a healthy, realistic and honest way

  18. Eunice c. says

    Where do you get your plates and bowls?

  19. CHARIS grace says

    can you film the workout routine you do?

  20. JR JR says

    her face is so glowyyy I'm jealous

  21. Ustena Said says

    I NEED to make that blueberry sorbet

  22. Michelle Shin says

    This is some high quality living right here. I gotta stop buying ramen. Thanks for another video that is as artsy, beautiful, and wholesome as the food you ate!

  23. Rocío Zepeda says

    I love your reactions while eating ??❤️

  24. 최 수연 says

    what in a i ate week

  25. Ripley Ward says

    I’ve been literally watching all of your what i eat in a day / week videos and I have ONE question where are your spoons from the dark brown wooden one ?

  26. Jennifer Sanchez says

    i was watching the video with my son, and everytime you kept saying mhmmm after each bite, he would do it too. and he would watch you eat, it was so precious! thank you for showing us realistic meals, aka using leftovers cuz that's me too (mommy life). can you maybe show all the cool tools you use in the kitchen? like that chopper thing you used for the guac and sorbet? would make my cooking life easier! thanks again

  27. MsPeppercakes says

    where are your plates from?? they make the perfect canvas for all the yummy food you make! i'm in love!

  28. Antonia Berrios says

    Se ve muy rico todo lo que preparas?

  29. Kayla Cichon says

    Omg I'm so glad I found this channel, you are amazing and so is Ben you two are just amazing

  30. curiosus Vagus says

    that's alot of food

  31. lolly garcia says

    you are sooooooooooo cute

  32. luzkontrol528 says

    Thumbnail got me like, “ What in a I ate week” ?

  33. The Digital Gal says

    I can see you eat super light all week because your not eating enough than start to binge on breads and more food towards the end of the week because you didn’t eat enough that week all looks really yummy I’ll definitely try these

  34. Deobi Carat says

    Luckily, I was eating my snack as well, while watching this video.

  35. Kaitlynne spivey says

    I swear u say “‘mm” to everything ?

  36. turtlejoy4ever says

    omg that wine hour haha

  37. zmiao yuan says

    nice video

  38. Rosemary lopez says

    These all look good i swear she can run a restaurant?

  39. Samantha Schian says

    Curious as to what Ben eats in a week!

  40. Kalani Bertsch says

    *watches video to meal prep for the week. Going to Whole Foods now! ? I need this video every week please!!! ?

  41. Claudia Fairfield says

    You look like me but I need your skin care routine, your makeup routine, your eating habits, exercise habits, and positive attitude to even be like you ??

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