What I Ate In A Week (Healthy + Realistic)


Round 2 of my weekly eats. Breaking down this week’s meals all into one video. A mixture of my leftovers + supporting our local sushi restaurant – join me as I grub.


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  1. Cindy Grand says

    I would like to see how you make the brown rice

  2. Claire Reid says

    Please please, more of these! ❤️❤️

  3. zoë dodson says

    i can NEVER get my acai bowls the right texture… i always just eat it with a spoon anyway LOL

  4. Zoe Flees says

    2 Frozen bananas and 1/4 cup of milk or water will make the perfect thickness of an açaí bowl ☺️

  5. Annie Chuong says

    Jenn! you gotta buy the Lee Kum Kee little 8 oz jar of the mapo tofu sauce. just add a scoop of that to some silken tofu! it's way better than that packet! I also like to cook shrimp w/ garlic and add it to the dish vs. ground pork. i literally eat it once a week ?

  6. Ally Rawiri says

    Maybe try your açai bowl with ice? Give you a slushy texture maybe

  7. Mariana Kiotoki says

    Your skin is glowinggg

  8. NGAN Ho Ngoc Kim says

    How to cook brown rice? And can combine with orthers?

  9. Rachel Spellman says

    But what is the blue nail polish she's wearing? I need to know!

  10. Caca Doodle Dooo Poop says

    Her: cooking and eating healthy

    Me: eating crackers

  11. Katee Za says

    Just a pro tip I've learned over the years: Go ahead and just cook the chicken! No need to wash it as long as you cook it to the internal temp of 165, otherwise you're actually spreading salmonella by contaminating your sink when you wash your chicken.

  12. Anahi Meza says

    Just discovered your channel and you are just the sweetest thing! Immediate subscribe xx

  13. Tahira Afzal says

    is she practicing intermediate fasting its from her eating gaps that are extra long

  14. beatrice arce says

    Your skin is to die for

  15. David Chia says

    I love Korean food ??

  16. David Chia says

    So delicious Jenn you always cooking the food so delicious and healthy for you and your husband Ben

  17. kristinmoore_ says

    first time watching your channel, the two of you are absolutely adorable

  18. stateofgrace __ says

    I want your spoons.

  19. Robert Nich says

    Psht she didn't even mix the stuff in the yogurt. Sacriledgous

  20. Callee Baldwin says

    she do be cutting chicken with scissors hahahaha

  21. SILAS & SNOW says

    Hi Guys, i know this is completely out of content, but if you take a moment and check my dogs channel and also subscribe 🙂

  22. Aurélie Jenna says


  23. lailaafilm says

    i was wondering where your gold 'jenn' necklace was from? + i loved your video ! everything about your meals are healthy and delicious !

  24. Habiba Anas says

    Omg the real life cristina yang

  25. Ally Romero says

    I love how she eats multiple snacks and eats good sized meals like a normal person. All these other YouTube people making it seem like they eat 5 crackers in a whole day and are full lol

  26. Onpriya says

    We need more videos of „what I eat in a day/week“ from Jenn ♥️♥️

  27. #IMCNK Key says

    ? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?????!! ???

  28. FatGirlAtHeart Ari Veyl says

    I love your videos 🙂

  29. Lydia tea says

    I was watching jenn eat that Korean lettuce ssam wrap with extra focus on whether she'd eat the wrap all in one go like a true Korean or take a bite off of it- good work jenn

  30. Amy Orwin says

    Love these videos. I'd also love to see more bookish content! ?

  31. Sophie says

    Hey I live with my parents so I don't rly get to control what I eat, do u have any advice?

  32. Michelle D says

    Is it weird that I'm low-key obsessed with your dishware? The bowls and plates are so cute.

  33. LeAnn says

    Can I ask where you got all of your kitchen ware? Your plates, bowls, spoons, are SO cute!

  34. Mar Marilo says

    I could it all of this in one day 😀 no wonder I can't lose weight

  35. SM says

    Where did you get the crackers from??

  36. Rachel Enkay says

    Wait but you said “müsli/muesli” so authentic

  37. Bee says

    I love these type of videos so relaxing

  38. devilishood says

    my latina heart went woosh when they said they loved flautas

  39. Jacqueline Lun says

    I am the same height as yours and I am 30 pounds heavier because I eat significantly more. more fat more cheese more meat more sugar….. My husband laughs when he sees me watching what you eat…. …. I really admire you can stick to a healthy diet, I am checking your videos to find healthy and fat free recipes to add into my weekly repertoire!!!!

  40. Nur firzanah says

    i just tried ur brekkie bowl and it’s SOO DELICIOUS AND SIMPLE!! thank youu? i love watching ur “what i eat in a week” vids, it gives me motivation to try something new everyday!?

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