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  1. S T says

    football manager 2019 or football manager 2020 which is better

  2. Jovica Duro says

    Great video you talk about selling,it is very very dificullt why your best player have plan to play to biggers team and big club cominng and buying him..if you not sellet you under fire if you sell again under fire..

  3. rafemo98 says

    +800h in fm 2018 and +500h in fm 2019.. Adicted

  4. svansolujo says

    I play Football Manager since 2015 and have like 1100 hours game time but I thnk I am just new and there are so many things I even dont know

  5. Majorleeuseless says


  6. Jonsalat DeNung says

    100 hours?!?!?! You know nothing, Jon Snow!

  7. Svetty00 says

    Use performance-related clauses in your contracts! IE: give bonuses for goals, clean sheets and winning titles.

    You can often sign players you wouldn't normally be able to afford by offering bonuses like these. And if they actually perform at that level, it pays off.

  8. Prisoner Of Paradise says

    "I played 100 hour but only made 1 FORMATION.."

  9. Freddie Parker says

    I’m 3450 hours in and a ten season career wolves
    Champions league 2
    Euro league 4
    Premier league 2
    Fa cup 3
    League cup 2
    Community shield 1

  10. Mr Stefon_89 says

    I've never played football manager but after researching it and watch yours and other content I'm sold too be honest but it's abit scary watching how much you've got too learn in this game…..jus the UI alone has a learning curve too it but I'm honestly feel I wanna give it a try

  11. TucBroder says

    I haven't played FM'19 since March, and I'm at 460 hours… which also is pretty much nothing.

  12. Barbaryotaku says

    100 hours? Those are rookie numbers.

  13. Ruairi Silcock says

    100 hours? Amateur come back when you get 1000 (jk keep up the good work)

  14. Vitor Santos says

    100 hours lol

  15. Rory Bessell says

    Yet you still don't know how to keep players' sharpness up by playing them in the u21s

  16. Ned2Bad says

    Good video man.

  17. Wolfyconnor11 says

    Respect for using Sunderland I wouldn’t wish that on my enemy it’s hard enough being a Sunderland fan lol

  18. xFiR3Sabloo says

    Nice video

  19. MrLucidLJ says

    So no Quincy Promes to players good advice.

  20. Andri Saputra says

    Your formation is exactly like mine, position and role ?

  21. cam amis says

    Where’s the intro?

  22. BILLYMARLY says

    Stupid questions but new to fm can you have multiple squads like a first team and a cup team ?? And how do you search for players all I get is player comparison. Please help ?

  23. UKJon Law says

    I only buy fm once every 2 to 3 years now…as so little improvements each year its just not worth the money. Now that they charge extra for editor and for things like no sacking..l just get older versions like l got 2018 for a fiver. If each year there was major revamp of 3d maych engine etc l would buy..but..the match engine just gets minor tweaks so l wont buy it for over a tenner now. I know alot of fm players dont care about 3d match engine..but l do…if l spend 30 million on a player l want to see them in action…its 2019 and fm still has match engine that looks like sensible soccer from 20 years ago…if they cant be bothered to upgrade it then l will just continue to get older fms for a fraction of the price of their latest minor update for fm 2020…bet they say 2000 more animations! Realistic weather and lighting! Seriously..its 2019..that crap is not a selling point..thsts the bare minimum that should already be included…maybe they will change colours of menus again to make it look new…

  24. JLPRINGLE says

    Where do you get your face packs from?

  25. Prince X says

    I have 736 hours on 19. Over 6000 altogether since fm 2008

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