WhatsApp Dark Mode! | How to enable Android & iOS!!


I hope you know all about WhatsApp Dark Mode now and how to enable it for android or IOS devices. Don’t forget you can get your free WhatsApp Dark Mode Wallpapers from my website, right over here.

And let me know which Dark Mode wallpaper was your fav and which one you will be using on your WhatsApp.


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  1. Hayls World says

    Don't forget to download your FREE Whatsapp Dark Mode Wallpapers right here Guys xxx – https://www.haylsworld.com/darkmodewallpapers ????

  2. Max Payne says

    Would you please make video regarding restore what's app massage from android to iPhone.

  3. Jignesh Patel says

    Thanks so much that helped me so so so much ????❤❤❤

  4. ndjai erastus says

    keep it up gal

  5. Tejas Elias says

    I love the dark mode. the best

  6. Simal Zahid says

    Please tell me about what's app web how is work


    How to apply the dark mode wallpapers

  8. Max Rex says

    thanks it is so much nicer x

  9. Shreya Mondal says

    Love you…. ???????????????????????????? it's helpful

  10. Carmel Kennedy Mahon says

    Thank you Haylus, I love dark mode, I'm visually impaired so the white screen is severe on my eyes

  11. kk Sree krishna says

    Hey! Hayls
    how to set a video song clips as whatsapp status

  12. Kish Kumar says

    How to do it dark mode?

  13. Anubhav's Lego creations says


  14. im baekhyun wife says

    Thank you for sharing i love it ma'am

  15. Armaan B says

    First time I am seeing someone use a Samsung and WhatsApp instead of iPhone and imessage

  16. Mobile First says

    Very insightful video. Thanks for the good job that you're doing.

  17. Baso13Abo25 says

    Your the best u helped me sooooo much it has been so long I was researching about dark mode on android

  18. kaivalya kashyap says

    I tried whatsapp dark mode.. awesome..t hanks swthrt

  19. Nông Dân Việt says

    Wow this is program very interesting
    Nice video content
    Thank you for sharing
    Good luck for you
    My friend,let's go together

  20. Aamir Pasha says

    Hayls ! My whatsapp account permanently banned. What can I do now please?

  21. CMTS says

    Nice one video….

  22. Tias Channel says

    I love dark mode

  23. Gonna reach my goals says

    Actually using dark mode ????

  24. Shreesh Kamble says

    Waiting for Facebook android to do the same

  25. A Person says

    Does anyone know the following please?:

    Someone phones you either on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and they want to speak with you on a VIDEO call, however, while you do want to speak with them you don't want to speak with them on a video call but just as an AUDIO call

    How can you do that?

  26. Anam Farrukh says

    Yeah it worked hurrayyyyyy

  27. • zxina • says

    Woowwww this helped me alot tyy ????????

  28. Pananna63 says


  29. Wondershare MobileTrans says

    Dark mode is super user-friendly????

  30. عموميات Generalities says

    شترك أخوتي في القناة جزاكم الله كل خير

  31. 「Akari あかり」 says

    Thank you for this toturial! This is useful! Keep up the good work! Love your vids!

  32. 7essa says

    Omg tysm ♥️????

  33. Fariha's Tricks&Tips says

    I like your tips. that's amazing

  34. m Dascoota says

    There is also a dark mode for messenger

  35. Steven Nyan says

    How About app dark mode

  36. zainab umer says

    Dark mode in android was easy
    I clicked dark mode in setting and wala

  37. safwan j Muhammed says

    Anyone felt its hard to view whatsapp in daytime after enabling dark mode

  38. GomNam Log says

    Great video

  39. Cadidjato So Nanque says

    I find this video very helpful thanks for the input love the new dark mode????

  40. Petrina Lewis says

    I loving the dark mode. There is a finger print lock option but I couldn't activate it. Can you do a video on how to do so. If you have already refer me to the video. Thank you.

  41. me me says

    Thank You! It's awesome, it makes my old phone look so new ????

  42. Alphonsa S Manda says

    I love the dark mode ????

  43. Ramesha sha says

    Excellent information ????????

  44. Adam Syiem says

    Wow this is epic….dark mode also extends battery life….love to see new videos from u

  45. Mike Martinez says

    How can i know who sees my profile pic on android? i believe you have that option on iPhone thanks.

  46. HHAN JJISUNG says

    This was really useful! I have a request can you make a video on how to download music in ios 13 (iphone 11)? Because im really stuck ????

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