Where iOS 7 Features Come From!


The truth about iOS 7 and its newly added features!

iOS7 Live Wallpaper on Android:

Android 4.2 Features:
Ubuntu Phone Features:
WebOS Features:
Windows Phone 8 Features:

Watch the entire iOS 7 WWDC Keynote:
Official iOS 7 site:
Official iOS 7 Video form Apple:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5


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  1. Jakin Lee says

    who remembers google+

  2. DeSilentio says

    Back then when a pandemic was just a lazy illusion.

  3. Nigerian Prince says

    people are getting mad at apple for “copying android” when the entire concept of a “smartphone” came from apple!

  4. W ON says

    Cant wait to have this recommended to me again in 7 yrs

  5. Conrad Rosgaard says

    “When you wanna use one hand on a very big phone” If that’s a big phone just wait a couple of years lol

  6. Scripter Provider says

    Android has a feature called "Cast Screen" (some devices.). It was released in Android 4.3

  7. Brayden Wilson says

    Marques has put on about 3 pounds since iOS 7

  8. Abi Abdulkhader says

    He is saying the same thing after the ios14 impressions.. Copy from Android ??

  9. Dank Guy says


  10. Freddie Samuel says

    Who is here after IOS 14

  11. Harry Jiang says

    Anyone here after seeing WWDC20 releasing iOS14? Seems like every 7 years is a major redesign…

  12. Nahid Islam says

    Marcus now: I’ve been using iOS 7 for months before it was revealed. Here are my thoughts

  13. Shana Pagdilao says

    Its 2020 and now i can afford to buy an iphone 5s.

  14. Brundle_Fly_ says

    Lol 2020 decided I should see this

  15. Arindram Hatibaruah says

    Yaa It’s 2020 and it is been recommended to me for some reason and with some heavy ads

  16. Ajinkya Chavan says

    Then – MKBHD hated apple.
    NOW – MKBHD still hates it.
    (Because he shows android as the saints and apple as a jerk)

  17. Christian Vel says

    I miss iOS 7 so much it was revolutionary, elegant and beautiful, It made the iPhone 5s was grateful, iOS 9 was the last operative sistem with the essence of iOS, I whiz iOS 13 were more like classic iOS 7,8 or 9 ♥️ it would be beautiful an elegant ???

  18. Andrew Cappin says

    I like this new feature

  19. Evin Baumgartner says

    202 anyone

  20. Perry Decosmo says

    androids really looked like shit compared to iphones back then

  21. Perry Decosmo says

    Wow. This was 7 years ago

  22. Dwayne says

    Y does yt want me to see fetus MKBHD

  23. Underratedtoxic says

    Animated wallpapers we’re also a thing on Java phones you could set a GIf as a wallpaper

  24. Nitesh Mhatre says

    This guy in the past cribbing about iOS 7 and from where features came from, in future he is using and loving iOS and iPhone and iPad and Macs. Funny haa!
    Love to see how Apple changed their way of working and made haters into lovers.

  25. David Sirait says

    I don’t know why youtube recommends this 6 yo video

  26. Ivan Bernardo says

    "iOS copies Android" nowadays they all copy off each other

  27. Reviews And To Infinity says

    Flat design is not even design. It’s just flat, and “getting design out of the way” as Jony Ive suggests. The skeuomorphic design made things look they could do just what we’re looking for, and it made the device feel like it wasn’t separate from the world around us. And that’s not because we weren’t used to touching glass Mr. Jony Ive. I tire can’t roll if it’s flat

  28. Blaise Dahl says

    “Night mode for maps” but no system wide dark mode for 6 years

  29. FalloHD says

    Human voice never change

  30. Sarc Your Boiii says

    I heard that Windows 98 SE has GIF wallpapers

  31. Andrey Shevchenko says

    I know, I know, it’s 2020, it’s late to watch it.
    Just reminiscing…

  32. Ville Juhlin says

    Why was This in my recommended

  33. Apple says

    It comes from Tim large brain

  34. chris G says

    Its 2020 and showin up in my recommendation…. omg androids are so ugly back then!!!

  35. ExtraCub says

    I’m glad it’s not 2013 anymore. This stuff look like trash

  36. Faze MBenjy says

    Fan of Apple

  37. wayne zaw says

    YouTube recommendations.. back from 2019

  38. alex says

    Okay YouTube I watched it

  39. Anant Vignesh says

    @MKBHD Bring back this old intro music to you new videos brother as a throwback. Always your fan. Love from India ✌️

  40. Mister Im says

    Baby Marques.

  41. Jonathan garcia says


  42. inquizative44 says

    iOS copied Windows Mobile….

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