Which Video Game Cheat Did You DEFINITELY Exploit?


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  1. Nyperold says

    Extra lives cheats. Definitely TMNT II: The Arcade Game (NES) and TMNT IV: Turtles in Time (SNES), maybe even TMNT III: The Manhattan Project.

    Also, SimCity for the SNES. There's a certain configuration somehow that'll get you a whooole lot of money if you just leave it for a long while. So I'd do that, then do what I want. And, of course, SimCity for the old PCs, which had a money cheat code that triggered an earthquake every few times you used it. So sort of like Kirsten-Ria in that regard.

  2. Nicholas Syl says

    iddqd & idkfa

  3. Thomas Holzer says

    FIFA when it cheated to me 😀 But it's random, no question I hate that game
    Sometimes San Andreas cheats

  4. Berry Best says

    I always thought slide jump spin was a part of crash 2

  5. Hamphield D. Phoenix says

    Vice City
    Going full rampage until I got the five stars with the cheats

    Those time were games were real games and not bloody casinos

  6. MineCrafter says

    Being able to activate cheats on hardcore mode in minecraft by opening it to a local network and turning cheats on from there.

  7. L0nd0n89 says

    Fable Money Glitch. Hopefully there's a reference to it in the new one coming out.

  8. therandomgeek85 says

    I admit I used the duplication glitch in oblivion, I wanted all the spell books and this was the easiest way to get them shame

  9. Whitney Asante says

    FF7 W-Item Glitch Chocobo Breeding strats
    Starcraft 2 Needed cheats just to play regularly and I still sucked.
    Every modern collection, I use the rewind feature instead of losing a life because no body got time for that.

  10. Jonathan Hopfenblatt says

    God mode in Quake. I kind of sucked at FPSs back then, so any time I started getting pwned I would open the console and give myself invincibility, all weapons, ammo, etc. <_<

  11. Marcus Jackson says

    Max cash and upgrade dual pistols (electric shots and armor pierce) in saints row the 3rd

  12. Nate Head says

    Pokemon Red/Blue item duplication cheat and Skyrim Ogmah Infinium cheat. Over and over and over and over.

  13. Richard Klammer says

    OMG Josh Brown's Hair!!!!!

  14. JagerXIII says

    Crisis core hugging the walls to avoid unnecessary combat and torchlight 2 gambling trick

  15. Cringe ass nae nae baby says

    Lester plane glitch gta online

  16. Anthony Linn says

    GTA 5 online, when it first came out you could sell the same car over and over again and make bank!!!!! Then rockstar caught wind and ended that. Then there was a way to make 100,000 off one mission and it took 10min to do but again rockstar caught on and nerfed the mission. Rockstar sucks, plain and simple. And if you're still playing GTA 5 well you've really enjoyed the rock you've been under. ????

  17. God Bear says

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas flying car cheat code was HOURS of fun as a kid. I don't know why but it was pure joi for me.

  18. darkfire sappier says

    Saints row 3 "whatitmeanstome" it would give you respect as well as $100,000 each time you used it so you could literally start the game and as soon as you get to steelport, your already maxed out on respect and can use the money to buy all the upgrades both player and weapons

  19. Daniel Smith says

    How did nobody say the Rare Candy cheat from OG Pokémon? ?

  20. Thom K says

    The money cheat in the first Command and Conquer for the PS1.

    I think I still remember how it goes.

    Pause. <VV>x<V>o or something like that.

  21. Rob Molivas says

    Suikoden 2: the Matilda gate glitch. The levels I got from that carried me through half the game super fast and were pretty much the only reason I managed to complete the timed side missions with Clive

  22. andrew onken says

    Cant believe the oblivion one wasnt the killing the jerk in talos plaza district for his infinite gold

  23. Cristina Frank says

    Josh is slowly turning into British Jesus

  24. J.D. says

    Not even sure how to categorize this one. Back when I played Ultima 4 on DOS I discovered I could print or read text files in the game. In particular, I was able to print out all the dialogue that the game contained, and figure out just what in the heck was going on. While it was cheating, it was almost needed, as the game never really told the player the key words to get NPCs to open up and talk to them. Ah, the good old days with my Tandy 1000 and dot matrix printer.

  25. Hiro says

    Duplicating items in dragon age origins

  26. domo mitsune says

    Skyrim, Jump the wall by the front of white run and near the entrance jump the wall and go around the wall until you reach the blacksmith go through the open cave and right there above the forge is a chest with the money from the blacksmith in there along with his entire inventory. Just keep stealing the items from the chest and selling it back to the blacksmith and then once you're all done take back your money and keep the inventory including smithing items. There's no punishment for doing this as long as you don't fall into the hole and walk around it to get out towards the stairs.

  27. oneguysaccount says

    I'm old school ………. IDDQD is the only game cheat a player needs hahahahah

  28. Mr. C says

    A throw back to the original – the turtle/beetle trick for tons of free lives in Super Mario Bros.
    But who could forget the Game Genie? Plug your cartridge in, go through the book and find the codes you want, instant success at almost any game on NES.

  29. Brentt Bumatay says

    Warcraft 3 campaign. Greed is good and a few more. Made thisngs easier.

  30. Dana S. says

    GTA San Andreas ….any cheat I wanted

  31. The Angry Russian says

    BWBWBBB A+B elder scrolls morrowind infinite hp that you can use with the super jump scroll you get from the dude who falls from the sky just outside the starting location and it'll let you level up just stupidly quick

  32. MrDude88 says

    N64’s Golden Eye. There’s nothing like duel wielding rocket launcher or using the tank cannon in close spaces/indoor. I only remember using cheats for this game because activating the cheat was difficult.

  33. Nix Gaming Network says

    Fable: The Lost Chapter – I used to change the Date and Time on my XBOX as a way to gain more Gold.
    GTA: Vice City – Too many cheats to remember.
    R1, R2, L1, L2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R,U

  34. TheRealSkele says

    "It is a good day to die"
    – Warcraft 3

    I ain't proud of using it, even if I only used it when necessary.

  35. Johnathon Kiewning says

    Dragon Age Origins – play as the Rogue Noble, your able to wield two greatswords if you own the DLC.

  36. Trasgo Diaz says

    Every single game where you have a delay in attacking that you can circumvent by Jump+attack to strike again immediately after you touch the ground. Like in Castlevanias or the Shotgun of the Devil May Cry games.

    Or in Megaman Legends 2 where you can ignore the "Energy" and "Rapid" stats of your Mega Buster if you spam forward while you shot, allowing you to shot much more bullets and at a speed you should not be allowed to!

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