WHITE Coach Socked In The Face By Female Basketball Player & He Is Being Considered RACIST! WATCH



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  1. Tommy Sotomayor News Raw says

    CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE VIDEO THAT YOUTUBE DOESNT WANT U TO SEE! https://tjskoc.com/whitecoachracist/

  2. LeBron Megatron James- Brady says

    He said “blonde haired blue eyed” girl because it’s Germantown ?

  3. coolectra13 says

    Cmon coach! A blonde haired, blue eyed girl wouldn't act like that

  4. M Performance says

    That school is now little Africa

  5. Madoz says

    thank u tommy

  6. Madoz says

    never hire them move on

  7. The BS is reaL says

    Looks like self defense is now racist smh….

  8. FullBlown Redneck says

    Coach needs to press charges against the brother and his friend. There needs to be jail time for them.

  9. Sar_E_Bear says

    And yet we are the ones that are claimed to be racist? I am so sick of all of this. So basically we are just going to let people get away with assault if not more because of the color of their skin… This is disgusting.

  10. Eric Bess says

    Her coach made that dumbass comment because he doesn't want to get his ass kicked by her family he's a coward

  11. hoibsh says

    Anybody rememba tha old show THe WHite Shadow? Well, nowaays das consider rayciss.

  12. Govt Skeptic says

    Was it racial? We’re there any racial slurs used by either party? The only evidence shows them assaulting the coaches then leaving the scene assault charges for the family.

  13. Clarence Bostick says

    Love you bro

  14. Saltyforeal says

    Army ants? video hasn't even started and I'm laughing. On a serious note, this guy had every right to defend himself.

  15. Mike Taylor says

    This is white boy OG slate Rock I pray for anyone that mistakes me for an average white person..? black folks did raised me to be strong but I'm ready to snap I'm 46 and tired let someone come at me like that.. the strong black soldiers that raised me would roll over in their grave if I didn't handle my business.✌

  16. Mordrina says

    but truth is getting out there

  17. Big Sister Neko says

    The man was defending himself! There’s nothing racial about this. Arrest all those young bastards fighting!

  18. Darleen Abline says

    A friend of mine is a muslim woman. Who btw drinks n hustles daily. Anytime she defends a black man she will say hes a good muslim boy or man. That btw sells drugs all day everyday threatens ppl n has put his hands on females. But hes consistent and a good Muslim lol

  19. Scar Vega says

    This is digusting……Sad….. just sad……

  20. Master Mind says

    I'm the 1000 comment.

  21. Stacia _911 says

    What happened to social distancing for COVID?! If my eye socket was broken, i doubt i could see anything but the white shirt. No he shouldnt have hit the player, but she shouldn't have been acting like a grown man either! I'm telling you, if I would have acted like that…my ass would have been handed to me. I wouldn't have to worry about going to jail…my mama would have KILLED ME!

  22. T higgman says

    Jesus that is too upsetting to watch. Like that couple in their front yard with their guns who are now facing charges it is apparently supposed to become a thing where whites can be terrorized and brutalized and not be allowed to do anything about it without facing jail time. Right now in some Democrat cities whites aren't allowed to assemble and protest anything but their horrible existence as racists. No shit. It's true. Only BLM and other anti-American groups are allowed to assemble and protest anything.

  23. Jonathan Jacob says

    Breaking news: Racist wh1te devil headbutt ebony queens fist.

  24. Norse Raven says

    White peoples, lol

  25. jason morgan says

    People in general do not like black people…but black people dislike each other even more

  26. jason morgan says

    Hostile and masculine…it's no wonder why black women are the least married/ coupled out of all races of women

  27. jason morgan says

    Society is going to start social distancing themselves from black people

  28. S Tomlinson says

    BTs at it again…TELL EM’ REESE! ?

  29. Nes Policy says

    The coach isn’t racist for swinging back, but any adult who swings at a minor should get jumped. ??‍♂️ Call security or police on her.

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