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  1. victoria helburn says


  2. marko comas says

    Many: listen, no listen

  3. Kayz says

    no cap but the football manager vids arent gd go back to the fifa bro look at the views difference

  4. Jamie Raffan says

    Manny you have Nikola Katic best player in the world ?

  5. Leon Jones says

    Does he not like mentioning United

  6. B says

    Vik loaning tyler roberts to Grimsby jesus christ, hes taking Leeds down dead bottom the geeza has no clue. Tyler roberts is a 3.5/4 star after the first season in the championship and is a decent to good prem player

  7. Meme Machine says

    How can you check the league table in games it’s just not there for me

  8. Daniel Mira says

    Manny day 1 of saying train your players to their role in the tactic so they can work with their roles and the tactic will work better.
    Click on the player>development>tactic and then click on their role

  9. alex smith says

    stop playing eze out of position you did it at bournemouth too

  10. Jordan Murphy says

    Idc viz using someone else’s Tactics ???

  11. MDKTHE KING says

    He payed 26 million for Fabio and doesn’t even use him. He should start over salcedo and Esposito. If not play salcedo cuz I think he can play at cam but if u can play Esposito he’s better then Eddie . a and Fabio up top

  12. Saud Aljohani says

    Manny out here getting vexed by the ppl in the comments

  13. Dyo Hadi Naufal says

    Manny on Almiron : first game : ABSOLUTELY SUPERB second game : whats wrong with this guy man!

  14. Ozzzy says

    These fm videos never come up in my subscriptions…

  15. Amadeus says

    Pray for Vikram ?

  16. Nick Daddona says

    You should have invested more in your defense like you said you were going to last season before you splashed on James Maddison

  17. A.C says

    Vikram for manager of the year underrated manager

  18. Takeover Gaming says

    I dont get it whens the stream I always miss it

  19. Mini Man Games says

    @Manny sign Rayan Cherki, he was in your scouting and is literally the next messi in FM

  20. SoultakerNation says

    Where Ethan at thou

  21. Diddy Con says

    i love how you all chat wass. quality.

  22. Paul Holban says

    I love this series and i think Simon should join for leeds next season and Vikram back to brighton if they go up or another team

  23. Kaze says

    one trick pony manny, too many signings every season

  24. E says

    Viz is too fake on this game loooool, them man have a masters degree in the art of FM

  25. Threesauce says

    Dont trust in young strikers.
    Kean is broken in the fm engine.

  26. A D says

    Manny change your scouting package from UK and ireland to world…..

  27. Zayeed Ajibola says

    Enjoy manny’s last laughs guys, a storm is coming

  28. yournothard ok says

    this is how you know this series is good. I am disappointed that it is only 26 minuted, usually it would take me like 3 sittings to watch all that

  29. Sam Derwad says

    Back again???

  30. Higgsey says

    Manny chatting last season makes it funny this season ?


    Esposito is so dead

  32. sar ke says

    Burnley man crushed the signings

  33. Jesse Olugbire says

    Toxic Manny ???

  34. Miller Hanks says

    Who’s on Burnley???

  35. Nicole Gold says

    Burnley and Viz doing a title charge this season ??

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