Who plays faster? A Pianist or the Computer?


Who plays the piano faster? A human pianist or the computer? In this video I used the song Flight of the Bumble Bee to make the comparison between a pianist and the computer.
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  1. Hadesh g says

    Why does he stares so much

  2. Aunty Googol says

    Next time, program in a mistake!

  3. 김고요 says

    이분은 기다리면서 카메라 보는게 재미있음

  4. oshirocks says

    U can actually prank a pianist ghost prank on ur frnd with that that would be halarious!!lol???

  5. SParKles says


  6. Alessandro Venturini says

    Hiw can play piano alone??? How to do that?

  7. Chris Bramblett says

    My life at 519 beats per second.

  8. Maiguel Gnar says

    Always, it's the machine that plays the piano more faster than the human, but it never feels the music Like a human.

  9. Maiguel Gnar says

    Siempre va a tocar más rápido una maquina, pero no va a sentir la música como un pianista

  10. COMPUTER 4 ALL says

    For more information in urdu/hindi please visit https://youtu.be/smPaqJOKdsk

  11. Aline Koraleski Caporal says

    Grava uma música do Streets of Rage.

  12. Peter Šuľak says

    Computer is only robot, human is biorobot

  13. Hiber Chamber says

    In The America You Watch Vinheteiro Videos

    In The Russian Vinheteiro Watches Y O U

  14. Burken Productions says

    Why do you STARE into the camera. Really creepy!!

  15. Julia Otto says

    Piano has started playing in fear of him

  16. Tarielka Roldán says


  17. محمد بوشايري says

    Tiago Della Vega: That Speed ?

  18. EmpireCat says

    The comments on this video saying he's using his mind to play the piano

  19. abcdurian Kids says

    Vinheteiro:*look me*
    Me:what behind me?

  20. Sunny Zhu says

    A ghost is playing the piano

  21. Rochelle Lobo says

    The piano might explode at the end

  22. nina HN says


  23. Karlia Martínez says

    What is the first song

  24. Kong Chan Viseth says

    he's literally a robot that how he control it

  25. Jayden Jones says

    Leave a like

  26. Jay Khandekar says

    This vide: exists

    Simply piano: it's free real estate

  27. Symphony 99 says


  28. RRO noob1k says

    Я: а где Олег переверзев

  29. Vung Pi says

    Is he tired of piaying the piano

  30. Frédéric Chopin says

    It has to be flight of the bumblebee…

  31. Alejandro Martínez-Rosas says


  32. 주현진 says

    한국사람이세요? 미국사람

  33. Joshua Smiley says

    How does the piano do the song by itself

  34. Sawm2a Bennoda says

    Vinheteiro Ghost….!!
    Imagine when you enter the room and suddenly the piano starts playing itself…

  35. Serban Anton says

    Name of the music?

  36. Advanced Academy says

    Put it at double speed

  37. es feins Guezli says

    Test one??

  38. Saber Toothless says

    So that's the haunted ?

  39. MagoTrackz says

    I litterally got Simply Piano ad when I clicked on this

  40. GBK Games says

    But can he play fifteen notes a second? ?

  41. jandres gregorius says

    Are he sweating after hear computer playing?

  42. Kushagra Gaur says

    Which tune is he playing? can anyone tell me the name of the tune please?

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