WHO prescription for a healthy & green COVID-19 recovery


WHO prescription for a healthy and green COVID-19 recovery:
?Protect nature
?Invest in essential services
?Ensure a quick healthy energy transition
?Promote healthy, sustainable food systems
?Build healthy, liveable cities
❌Stop using taxpayers’ ? to fund pollution

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  1. Tuggin MaGroin says

    How about the WHO goes to hell….
    Now that the people know what you are you're plans will never succeed.
    WE THE PEOPLE have awoken to your try for a new world order and we have said HELL NO!
    keep pushing us and we will see you on the battlefield!

  2. Jeremy Levett says

    Thanks WHO. Totally on point. 🙂

  3. Nguyen hane says

    Political talk and talk, We need a person who have hard heart really take care health of the world

  4. Aman Raj says

    Bc sab tumhre kaaran hua hai….sala itna paisa kaahe dete hai re humlog tumko e bakchodi k liye

  5. khushdeep singh says

    We are agree nd respect to who

  6. Ali says

    This channel should be shut down as it is spreading lies upon lies!

  7. Harry Barry says

    Is that your Chinese boss in the thumbnail who?

  8. Linda Sunshine says

    Thanks WHO

  9. Tembo says

    Dude !! People are dead ?!! China!!!!!!

  10. Ivan Batista says

    WHO lied, people died!

  11. Robbie Southern says

    WHO was set up for good of human kind but has been dramatically influenced by CCP, WHO doesn’t even recognise Taiwan. BOYCOTT WHO , CCP new about this virus that’s why all internal flights mainland China stoped but external flights allowed,

  12. Brett Neuk says

    The human cost of the wuhan coronavirus lies soley on the death sentence advice from the CHO

  13. S. M says

    First destroy WHO, rebuild other organization. Let all the countries of the world be one together except China.

  14. Patriots Worldwide says

    You all are just a punch liers and you sold out with bill gates.. You dont care about the health of the people. We have hydroxicloroquina so we dont will accept your vaccines we take hydroxicloroquina but thanks you are all corupt and murders. And you should all go to chail. For attacken human rights and mass manipulation and lieyng to the hole world. Human rights violation.

  15. King Quased says

    You’re trash and killers for withholding information on this virus.

  16. Bhengm says

    What on earth does this have to do with coronavirus? So confused.

  17. Vance H says

    Sharing, Justice and Peace for All.

  18. Monkey Savant says

    WHO = New World Order Global Elites. Oppressors of humanity.

  19. Jerome Schoenfeld says

    Now the W.H.O is pushing political far-left soclialist globalist policies. And I thought they were a health organisation?

  20. B P says

    Can't believe Tedros hasn't been tried for crimes against humanity yet.

  21. Cam Tourism says

    Keep yourself distancing, and practise groom hygiene standard daily. Covid19 has taught humans a lot. Let learn and fight together. Although it made sadness for humankind, but it also heal and save our planet. God bless!

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