Why is soccer growing so much in the U.S.?


I interviewed my fellow citizen Alfonso Mondelo, Technical Director of the Major League Soccer, to learn about how soccer is growing in the US and hear more about the challenges of the MLS in the coming years.

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  1. Cesar Perez says

    It could grow much more if there was
    Promotion and relegation.

  2. 1964Loukas says

    And they keep on telling us nobody likes soccer in America? What bs and propaganda

  3. Cesar Perez says

    He wants the MLS to be like the UEFA champions league. I doubt something like that can happen but good luck with that.

  4. Matt Murphy says

    hmm! wait til next year! great summary. Very good aspect of the league. I started playing soccer in the mid 80's because 80%of the people I worked with in silicon valley played soccer growing up. We played in the San Jose city rec league after work. It was lots of fun . My younger sister played in the 80's and I only played in high school PE , were some dude hit me in the face with a kick causing me to black out. At Berkeley, I knew a local guy playing soccer on the team and watched the world cup in the dorm for the first time.

  5. abu hudhayfah edwards says

    The only reason why Soccer/Futbol has not been embraced by ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC is because they can’t figure out how to solve their commercial/sponsorship problem. No TV Time Outs, No stoppage of play in between change of possessions, no commercials between innings, no stoppage of play for instant review….

    The moment they can figure out how Lexus of Orlando, Pepsi, All State and Target can run their commercials and it not be ticker tape at the bottom of the screen Soccer will be fully embraced

  6. Robert Garcia says


  7. NYRB Forever says

    Go red bulls

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