Wii Music: Salt & Pepper's Ode To Joy


Next week, players of The Beatles: Rock Band get to download Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (the remaining songs to complete the album)! And Wii Music players get … the same 50 songs we’ve had since the game came out. But at least we can make Mii versions of the Beatles and make a video with them (with a little help from their friends Walrus and Eggman). Well, I thought it would be strange for Paul to both sing and play the bass, so I substituted the Walrus (since “the walrus was Paul” as we know from the lyrics to Glass Onion). And as long as I had the Walrus, I figured I might as well put the Eggman on the remaining part.

I know the drum part has some flaws, but I was having trouble with the Wii Balance Board. I rarely use it because it’s so hard to get the balance right, but I really wanted to use the tom toms in this song.

Melody: singer (Paul)
Harmony: electric guitar (George)
Chord: singer (John)
Bass: electric bass (Walrus)
Percussion 1: rock drums with Wii Balance Board (Ringo)
Percussion 2: bass drum (Eggman)

Source: https://jamesmartinlive.com
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  1. emilio delgado says

    The beatles is my favourite group

  2. Matt Glass says

    how'd you get them all to wear headphones?

  3. ZZ AA says

    In the beginning of the song it sounds a lot like the song seargent peepers lonely hearts club band from the Beatles

  4. Romane Youtube says

    you are studio yeah viva Herman Miller yey

  5. Albert Stephens says

    How do you unlock Jam Mastery

  6. Jorrit Aalvink says

    Wow! I stand in awe…

  7. Melissa LaManna says

    this crowd has gone mad

  8. Angelique Jackson says

    I liked this !!! Never seen before today

  9. NintendoYoyleWolf says

    Bass drum player is Eggman? It kinda looks just like a egg (Leg-o My Egg-o)!

  10. Mark says

    ha ha ha ha!!

  11. BlueMouse97 says

    @tirelat Ok thx

  12. MoarEpicness says


  13. eljugadorloco says


  14. Herman Miller says

    @bluemouse97 D-pad is just a common term for that 4-way directional control above the big round A button on the Wii Remote. And if you check that trigger-shaped button on the back of the Wii Remote, you'll see that it's labeled "B".

  15. BlueMouse97 says

    @tirelat What D-pad and B-Trigger?

  16. Herman Miller says

    @bluemouse97 You can get different costumes by holding different directions on the D-pad when you start the custom jam, or hold the B-trigger at the same time you hold the D-pad. I think this one is holding right on the D-pad while holding the B button as you press Start. Other combinations give you things like cat suits, or Wii Music T-shirts.

  17. BlueMouse97 says

    How did you get the headphones and suits on them?? Plz tell me

  18. Herman Miller says

    Only the one in the Latin drum set. In the regular jam mode without the balance board, the d-pad and analog stick are used for doing spins and jumps. In drum mode with the balance board, you can't do the spins.

  19. Herman Miller says

    Have you heard the story of how the Beatles came up with the name "Sgt. Pepper"?

  20. Herman Miller says

    Thanks for all the comments, by the way. The drum mode with the balance board gives you individual control over the bass drum, open and closed hi-hat, snare drum, three tom toms, and two cymbals. So it's great for drum parts in theory, but the balance is so hard to get right that I never use the left foot for opening and closing the hi-hat, and some days I have better luck with the bass drum than others (this wasn't one of the better days).

  21. Daniel Thomas MacInnes says

    Do you have a lot more control of the drums when you use the balance board? I'd like to be able to hit specific drums at the beats I want, yet the drums seem to follow the song's original rhythm, just like the guitars and horns.

    I was thinking of breaking the percussion into two parts – the taiko for bass druming, for instance. I'll have to experiment to find what I need.

    This is a spectacular song, as always. I'm always amazed at how diverse Wii Music can be when in the right hands.

  22. Matthordika says

    Darn, I can't believe I didn't already do this… But you should've dubbed over a brass part using modern day video editing technology. It's not as hard as it sounds!

  23. Miz-K EnjuCy says

    Nice work! This is the best. Though, I don't plan on getting Rock Band Beatles anytime soon. But hey, this is good.

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