Will Ferrell Accidentally Distracts Kid Soccer Players Because of ‘Elf’


Will Ferrell talked with guest host Jennifer Aniston about being a referee for his sons’ youth soccer leagues, and how he sometimes accidentally distracts kids when they realize he’s the star of the beloved Christmas movie “Elf.” Will then discussed his holiday tradition of dressing up as Tomte, the Swedish Santa, and the intensity it takes to hand out gifts to every kid at their big Swedish Christmas party.

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  1. Floating Marmelade says

    Ischgl is now famous for the corona apre ski partys

  2. think blue bleed blue says

    Jennifer Aniston ????????

  3. James Brandon To says

    U guys can tell jennifer aniston wants kids in this interview.

  4. Erik Petrie says

    Get rid of Ellen. Give Jennifer Aniston her own show.

  5. Enrique Molina says

    We’re ellen

  6. Enrique Molina says


  7. Afterlife is The Future says

    She looked so good there. I'd keep the team who took care of her hair and makeup with me if I were her.

  8. MrNikkimaxine says

    It will

  9. Anonymous User says

    i’m sorry but jennifer aniston is not funny

  10. Alexandre Cenedella says

    Jenifer Aniston should have her own TV talk show:


  11. Alan Morrison says

    Bet they wished they stayed in the box now ????

  12. The Purssway Family says

    Anyone feel like they both got a little crush on each other ????

  13. Loris Copa says

    "Ibiza in the Alps" après ski from 3 to 7 pm…mh…pfff

  14. F. O. says

    Have fun in GITMO Willy!!!????✝️

  15. Gunner says

    Yes. Love the movies.
    1:45 ????????????
    ???? ???? ????????

  16. Angelo Bennett says

    This movie is phenomenal
    1:55 ????????

  17. I Boop Your Nose says

    "Ready to call off sides at any time" had me rolling! Love me some Will Ferrell and Jennifer Aniston! ♡

  18. Janae Clarice says


  19. Simon Mück says


  20. Drew Johnson says

    Kids on the soccer field: Are you the elf?

    Me: Phil?

  21. Gianna says

    He was at my sisters soccer game

  22. Jessica Lewis says

    I adore his kids names.

  23. Vanna Ullman says


  24. Paul F says

    11 minutes to get to that title?

  25. moncorp1 Inc says

    Wow, look at Anniston on snl. That was many nose jobs ago.

  26. Chris Rob says

    Ellen kisses Jen once.. Now she gets to host her show??

  27. Madddie J says

    Umm the comments

  28. Alexandra alejo says


  29. Gabriella Stanley says

    She’s so cringey

  30. Alice Clisby says

    Finally an exposure of who Jennifer Anniston actually is: A NOBODY

  31. borndead says

    Audience is cancer

  32. Dolphindoritos349 says


    Every letter

  33. Michael Holmgaard says

    The nosejobs are starting to take their toll on Jennifer's voice

  34. Matteo Gagliardi says

    When a player asks him if he’s the elf:
    “Elf? Did you just call me, Coach Weston, an elf?! You’re an elf you little rascal!”

  35. Serial Killer says

    The only reason his wife is with him is because of money.. ….

  36. Erik Pajari says

    Shoop shoop shoop

  37. slayantics says

    This is just them catching up and we just happen to be there as an audience.

  38. mich2020 says

    Im in Ischgl now, he is completely right ????

  39. Satoshi Nakamoto says

    Not one dude could be in the sky box? When Star Bucks becomes a segregated safe space in 2020.

  40. E C says

    The way they said "tomten" ????????????????????????

  41. roouit patan says

    fifa: "how can we get that elf to ref one of our matches?"

  42. Sherriann Holtey says

    Ischgl, Austria is my ancestral home town. But they left in 1870s for America.

  43. Amal Nubia says

    That movie happened in real life. I remember seeing a clip, maybe a year ago, and a family was out on a balcony of some sort at a restaurant. The avalanche starts approaching, the kids are trying to tell the dad, but he's ignoring them. Then the wife is yelling and trying to alert him and he's ignoring her too. Then the avalanche gets dangerously close and he looks up and grabs his stuff and leaves his wife and kids. He runs and all you see is the wife trying to grab the kids and run too and the snow engulfs them.

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