Will The 3 New F1 Tracks Produce Good Racing?


F1 have announced three new races for the 2020 F1 season. Will Portimao, Nurburgring and Imola provide some amazing action or will they be a snoozefest? Join Matt & Tommy as they discuss your questions.

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  1. João Lúcio says

    Nice! I did a Autódromo do Algarve track preview in RFactor 2. Hope you guys like it: https://youtu.be/TRMizhSUSIo

  2. smidsy1979 says

    loving the song, ya gota to do a video to it !

  3. Olivia Wallis Jackson says

    I think I read Imola was 2 days because of the proximity of the track to the city and they were only allowed 2 noisy days???

  4. R4M_Bockwurst_ GT says

    So a few years ago I was at the Nürburgring as a mechanic and we had snow on one end then rain on the whole course accept from the gp track ? so what tyres should you use there? All-weather?

  5. MrFox 6000 says


  6. BUD theworst says

    I love the 3 new tracks, but all I could think was, What mic is Tommy using?

  7. Mustafa says

    Last time I watched F1 in Turkey, Schumi was there 🙁 #BringBackTurkeyGP

  8. Andy True says

    If theres ever a reason for them to go to Turkey, WTF1 has to let Matty go see the car dealership:)

  9. Not_ Sean says

    Still hanging on for F1 to return to Kyalami, but its only Grade 2, and just did massive renovations so no chance they spending anytime soon

  10. Acid Sons says

    I really can’t understand why you guys are so desperate to see 2-day weekends. I love watching Friday practice, for you can see the cars run without any pressure, it’s better to start slow and feel the excitement grow as the weekend goes. Back in the mid-2000’s I would watch every single session, I have great memories of coming back from school on Friday afternoon to watch the sessions, which I had recorded on a VHS, or staying up at night to watch FP1&2 when they were in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, China, etc. Friday practice is part of the pleasure, you begin slowly and the excitement grows for Qualifying and even more as the start is getting closer. How on earth are you hoping for less running? If all you want is qualifying and race, why do you even bother following winter testing then?

  11. Rui Ribeiro says

    Bring Jess Back ;(((((

  12. mxwillem vdnoort says

    Mercedes is generally a really calculated team so do you think when they have less data from the new races, they are more likely to make more mistakes

  13. Pedro Silva says

    The teams had pre-season tests at Portimão in 2014 i think ?

  14. Hank Bishop says

    Perrelli working on snow tires?

  15. Matt Goelz says

    I think Imola will surprise you. They're flat out from Rivazza all the way down to Tamburello now that they reconfigured the track sans Bassa Chicane for F1.

    And I think the Villeneuve Chicane (Ratzenberger chicane) could possibly become flat out, especially for Mercedes.

    Love the F1 mambo #5 outro!

  16. Matt Goelz says

    F1 should just reverse how DRS works. Allow drivers who are more than 1 second behind the car ahead to use it to catch up. But not allowed if within 1 second, as slipstream should be sufficient to create an overtaking opportunity going into the next corner. Leader never gets to use DRS.

  17. P B says

    Had to come here to publicly stan the ”scenario nro 7”

    What an absolute banger.

  18. T1ag0 says

    The way they said portimao

  19. Nick Jeffery says

    I have always wpmdered. given the amount of "new" places that want to host races, plus having lots of old tracks that don't host anymore, whether it would be worth having a 30 race calendar – but what you would do is say that each team can have THREE drivers in their race "stable", but each driver can only drive in 20 races per season…
    This would mean a couple of things – a) they could try and "match" drivers to circuits whose styles match the circuits, and also if a driver had an injury (e.g. concussion) and had to miss a race or two, it wouldn't necessarily harm their World Championship chances…
    Probably too wild an idea for F1 to go for, and I'm sure some fans would hate it, but it would mean more races for everyone…

  20. UzzyT says

    That song at the end was amazing!

  21. Aaron Coke says

    Anyone else glad they kept watching until the end.
    Mambo No.5…???

  22. dylan wheater says

    Is it just me or am I just making this up but I was sure that Bahrain and Abu Dhabi was been basically been confirmed

  23. Crazy_killer 1112 says

    I would rather nurburgring full

  24. Neil Herries says

    Could there not be a DRS zone at the Nurburgring between Ford Kurve and Dunlop Kehre??

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