Would You Try Any of These Insane Foods?


Calling all adventurous eaters, would you try any of these crazy foods? A peanut butter and pickle sandwich recipe had everyone trying it in 2018. Other foodies went a little more extreme, trying out lion meat and butter made from bugs. Inside Edition even tested out “the worst recipe ever” after something called the pizza-dilla debuted online. InsideEdition.com’s Mara Montalbano has more.

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  1. Jeb says

    Basically my opinion on food trends in one word:


  2. Spookims Digimon says

    I'd like my meat with less salmonella

  3. RazerSnob1k says

    I feel like the peanut butter and pickle sandwich would give you some really bad diarrhea

  4. Lemonade -Brawl Stars says

    The meatball actually look really good.

  5. Lemonade -Brawl Stars says

    0:15 those aren’t even pickles, they’re cucumbers.

  6. Eden Manyika says

    Lion meat ????

  7. Ann Atwood says

    Wait why lions… 🙁

  8. ً says

    I almost puked at the insect butter

  9. ً says

    Why the heck would I eat a pb and pickle sandwich, only pregnant people eat them

  10. DimPacifist says

    People really be eating charcoal oh my god

  11. toby mccoconut says

    I'm sorry but I dont listen to the doctors on inside edition coz they're always like, "its harmful to let your kid watch paw patrol because they'll start thinking dogs can speak which is harmful".

  12. ishigami best girl says

    well now im hungry

  13. real world says

    Lion meat girl: were just being advertised
    Me:look where that got us in 2020

  14. Øfficial _Unknown says


  15. DerpYeetus says

    I shampoo my hair with charcoal dove mens shampoo, and brush my teeth white colgates optic white charcoal toothpaste…. yeah.


    1980s: cant wait to see holograms of televisions in 20 yrs
    2020: the luxury of black burgers

  17. Liam Kun says

    I miss charcoal icecream

  18. Saul Hernandez says

    I'm pretty sure the lion will like to eat u to stop killing animals

  19. Zain Chupacabra says

    The pizzadilla should be called the Pizilla.

  20. Mason Ditmars says

    That lion meat guy ate like 25 buck in seconds…..

  21. DG gameing Channel 2 says

    No Line Meet You’re killing the Beautiful animals

  22. Xxaap123pppj Papastesis says

    I try the black ice cream it was good

  23. Brooklyn Vu says

    This is like a “oh I’m so bored. Wait I have an idea let’s make another weird food combination!”

  24. Muhaimin Ahasan says

    1:34 hollon, the king of the jungle?

  25. Brenda Luna says

    George Carlin was right. American will eat anything

  26. Pj Games says

    I always ready tried the rlly big pizza

  27. meliodas 220k says

    About the lion they care about the flavour not the life of the lion yea……

  28. Luisa Waqa says


  29. IISinonII says

    Selling lion meat should be illegal

  30. Kimberly Brown says

    WE EAT INNOCENT LIONS! who would be sick enough to kill these beautiful creatures

  31. Lorna Murray says

    The bug thing is not bad but lion meat wow

  32. Cara Anjela says

    stranger things season 3

  33. Zoe z0 says

    I'm cambodia we eat bug every bug except the dangerous one

  34. Stranger_things 256 says

    Wait so peanut butter and pickle sandwich was a trend…..

    This world is so stupid

  35. Sasha Gupta says

    Poor lions ?

  36. Charles Childers says

    I eat pbp a lot lol

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