WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology – Mango


Most Amazing Fruits Farming Technique – Amazing Agriculture Technology – Mango

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  1. TSK-24 says

    Please watch and subscribe for the channel Bao Bao vlog: Thank you very much!

  2. UTTAM BEHERA says

    I like your mango so much.I would like to have 20 mango plans like the same mango plats as you have shown in this vdo.Can you please courier me 20 mango plants please

  3. Tamagotchi Hayyo says


  4. oliver manusig says

    wow tectnology mango

  5. chika putri says


  6. Channelnya PETANI says

    Is the best
    Recommandation for you :

  7. Md Hussain says


  8. Maggie Francis says

    Which place is this

  9. Shriman Meena says

    Mango ke podey me kya Dala jata

  10. Viji Ghosh says

    It is in Israel

  11. Viji Ghosh says

    Where is it? Is it real?

  12. Manish Jain says

    good video,
    Would like to grow it in India,
    Who can guide

  13. The Roman Park says

    we need to have the plants how can we get it

  14. Polash Miah says

    Nice mango trees i need same color fully mango seed

  15. Nurhalim Muhari says

    Ini benar mangga bunga nya dari cabang pucuk mangga bukan di batangnya gaes

  16. مانجو مصر Mango Egypt says


  17. Babie shanitah says

    May I kindly know which type of mango is this and where I can get such seeds?

  18. Debbarma Naresh says

    Regarding japani mango grafting tree

  19. Khanderao Bedse says

    Where is this playhouse and its location


    We require knowledge about the tree not music

  21. Anis ahmed says

    Veray good works nice Beutayfull

  22. Ok Nse says

    Super super super

  23. Vashti Persad says

    I would be afraid to eat those mangoes or any thing that these Japanese or if it China produce,every thing looks like it always cloned ,and yes ,if these fruits of any type is over produce in the green house it usally taste fake ,so smart people avoid eating it .

  24. A. Khan says

    Fake mangos

  25. Bijoy kumar Mahata says

    Where we got tiny plants of this variety

  26. Km Salauddin says

    So beautiful mango.

  27. Koneru Suresh babu says

    Why don't you give cost analysis.

  28. chhaganbhai panchani says

    Not profits

  29. Juliet Queja says

    Where is this?

  30. Pradip Pawar says

    Nice technology. What its name, I am alphanso mango farmer, can you give us one tree plant. Pl help

  31. Tushar says

    Why don't you mane the variety?
    If secrecy to be maintained, why the hell you expose it by make a video?

  32. muji Antoro says

    Im like n subscribe

  33. Rahul Jhajharia says

    I want to import the plants in india please help me out

  34. jason chong says

    if not mistaken, it is at Taiwan. Irwin mango are popular as dry mangoes. very expensive though.

  35. Joe Lirag says

    I've tried these Japanese Mango's. Best ever. So sweet. No tart. Ambrosia. Problem is the price. I'm going to try to grow my own.

  36. technical Tikle says

    sr ky ye wali seed mil sakti h india

  37. Billy Joel De Lima says


  38. Bilal Kanju Official says

    You are doing an amazing work

  39. ClassTube LeTv says

    Neelam mangoes

  40. Subramanian A says

    Please name the variety

  41. しゃけしゃけ says


  42. Tushar says

    Fruit। colour quite unique
    What variety of mango it is?

  43. Radhakishan Gurjar says

    Ye kism khaa se milegi

  44. ping tsoi says


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