Yello – The Race


Music video by Yello performing The Race. (C) 2014 Yello, distributed by Polydor/Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH

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  1. MathsOP says

    Yellow, the race

    Not the color



  3. x.bobakiller official says

    I came here because of a doctor who lost his medical license just clapping at his dead patient, a Soldier who's the one that calls the doctor, and a not dead guy with his head off playing a trumpet or smth

  4. Michele Oriunno says

    I don't remember what's the movie with this soundtrack

  5. Oskar Pirini says

    Nach 1000 joor immr no gäil.

  6. mirola73 says

    This comes up under German electronic 80s, but they're Swiss !

  7. morkinor says

    Karagkiozilikia ton 80s

  8. Zalmo says

    this one definitly deserves more upvotes, then it has

  9. Martin Hitzfeld says

    Megageil, Typisch yello

  10. Jari Urkio says

    Good sound. Jari


    …Then he changed his name to Miguel Angel Jimenez and became a professional golfer.

  12. Jet Junk Jiver says

    00:41 1980’s F1 turbo’s and catch fencing? Oh yeah that’ll work.

  13. Бахтиёр Косимов says

    Супер клип ??? сейчас без компьютерной графики вряд-ли получится такое

  14. Alan Cogan says

    I absolutely love this tune!❤

  15. Teresa Kozlik says

    Dziękuję za wspaniałe wykonanie bardzo mi się podoba super pozdrawiam serdecznie

  16. alex ojideagu says

    This was played SO much in early 90's and late 80's TV shows, ads and promos.

  17. Monty Indahouse says

    Please select song genre:
    ○ Country
    ○ Rock
    ○ Hip Hop
    ○ Jazz
    ○ Pop
    ○ EDM
    ● Yello

  18. Deiniol Bythynnwr says

    Absolute CH00N

  19. C бдvetlana Shubalova says

    Сколько лет прошло, но эта была и есть моя любимая группа

  20. Dan Leydon says


  21. RedBaron863 says

    Great video. Greetings from Michael Schumacher!!

  22. Roberto Lobina says
  23. shinget says

    i understand motor racing even less now.

  24. Chris Redig says

    De la merde… Was looking for this white s song and this is what I got

  25. DVE lp says

    I love the surrealism they have, just the same as Salvador Dalí!

  26. Natali X Best says

    Yes,,, great great great!!!?❤️
    This song is my ringtone ?

  27. andy the gardener says

    great song. more relevant than ever. the stupid moron human species like racing so much they have raced themselves to extinction. not understand? give it time, and you'll soon catch up

  28. Count Dooku says


  29. Illustraful says

    For anyone watching who was born after 2000, this is what's known as a song with a melody. There's thousands like them.

  30. Illustraful says

    When Yello made avant garde music mainstream.

  31. Peter says

    I bought my first yello record in around 1987 maybe — black vinyl, Since then I bought it again as a CD of course. I love them!

  32. Maks Mustermann says


  33. Xerxes' Xylophone says

    My head sometimes falls off when I play the saxophone, but at least Medic and Soldier are a decent rhythm section.

    thx stblackst

  34. egillgu says

    Why on earth has Switzerland not made a Yello song it's national anthem. They are a national treasure.

  35. RHYTE says

    This is the best song there is. Period.

  36. erwa bequr says


  37. vasp99 says

    I'm high as f*ck and LOVING this.

  38. Pal Kaposi says

    dugong's tail ends in a fork…

  39. Sebi says

    Not the "The Race" that i actually wanted

  40. Zarzadillator says

    Alguien más aquí escuchando esta canción por Radiogaceta de los deportes?

  41. qkwnwkw says

    Overtime I hear this song. I think of the movie "Nuns On The Run."

  42. Peter Wesley Bastone says

    Great song…shared to Netshows Radio "Program 300" Playlist on youtube

  43. Emma Humphries says

    Dieter and Boris look like they just escaped from an episode of Speed Racer in this.

  44. TJ Tourette says

    I don't like that kind of music, but that's another times business. I really think it's distasteful to include the fatal crash of Gilles Villeneuve into a music video.

  45. Aurora Eden says

    Wer weiß wie das neue Projekt heißt bzw wie ich es finde ?

  46. Anne Marie says

    I remember this song from The Cutting Edge.

  47. The Craft Mechanic says

    "Ze spy is dead!"

  48. Franky Bakker says

    June 2020 , still love it , stay healhty all

  49. Brian Steiner says

    I had no idea that Josh Gad was in Yello!!

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