Yo Gotti – Lifestyle (Official Music Video) ft. LunchMoney Lewis


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  1. Duverioux Carey says

    What song is starting at end of song

  2. shad black says

    This is 2 har

  3. Ben Obeng says

    Does anybody know the name of that song that plays at the end when lifestyle is over

  4. CME Cashflow says


  5. Traci James says

    That was a pretty dope video….

  6. Big King says


  7. Monique Thomas says

    Gotti said fuck yall haters while he keep dropping bangers

  8. Razj Mendy says

    Only Jesus Christ For Life

  9. Hit Lyrics says
  10. miguel garza says

    this goes hrad gotti best trap rapper on the planet

  11. Norman Eduardo Castro says

    Thats the cut ‼️??

  12. onogholoefua onogholoefua says

    Am in love with yo Gotti

  13. Little Boss Girl Jen says

    My husband has that bmw lol

  14. TheMatthewmoo says

    The way he just pops off just before the closing of the video ! ?

  15. Brent Grigsby says

    Growth and development

  16. Brent Grigsby says

    Dont get it wrong tha vision is to be better as an individual

  17. Laderrio Powers says


  18. Titanykus says

    Using gods name in vein! Dangerous and alarming. You have no idea what you are doing and saying. I hope God has mercy on your soul and spares you from his wrath brother.

  19. Landon Mcfee says

    Jesus from the ghetto nigga so am I one of the best lines u ever going to hear In a song

  20. Dave Jay says


  21. Sweet pea Run says

    I love this song

  22. J S says

    Blasphemy though!

  23. D Cotter says


  24. miguel garza says

    yo gotti real rap


  25. MAGNUM 12 says


  26. YOUNG U MUSIC says

    I am

  27. Playlot Yuggin24 says

    Dope boy of the century Im God to the hood I just parked half million dollar car in hood ????‍♂️??

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