You don't know how Quantum Computers work!


0:00 Intro – Why Quantum Computers Shouldn’t Work
1:22 A Toy Problem
4:00 Solving the Problem With Quantum Computing
10:11 Why Does it Work
13:12 More Practical Problems
15:02 Outro – Quantum Computers Are Coming


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Building the Bits and Qubits:

Video on quantum security coming “soon”


Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists


Richard Feynman

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  1. Imran Bughio says

    I feel like I have understood nothing…. :/ how the hell does it really really and exactly finds out the item from data base??

  2. Long Tran says

    It is quite difficult to understand if you got stuck in binary digital computing (math) ie,
    boolean algebra (logic).
    It is easier if you empty your mind before getting into this quantum stuff.

    A [classical] Binary adder is simply an Exclusive-OR (XOR) gate plus an AND gate (for the carry bit)
    So 1 XOR 1 is 0 plus the carry bit of 1, hence 1 + 1 = 10 binary = 2 decimal.
    And if you link 64 of these binary adders, you get a 64-bit adder.

    How to do 1 plus 1 in quantum computer ? well, I guess it is a wrong question.

  3. Anurag Mehra says

    hey thAT PIano music

  4. Cody Greenland says

    'Don't use this term on an exam'

  5. Henley Cheung says

    "future" shapes the past ?

  6. BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull says

    Interesting, so essentially a Quantum Computer is like a wormhole that shortens the distance between star systems.

  7. IceKing says


  8. Michael Bachmann says

    This video is amazing.
    Thank you very much!

  9. ted714 says

    Quantum Computers have caught my interest from the mandela effect, but now it has really taken my attention with randonautica.

  10. Dragon Fyre says

    This is an amazing explanation! Most other videos tend to skip over WHY quantum computing can operate faster than normal, opting instead to amaze people with fancy language about how a particle being in 2 states at once is somehow magical. This video really helped me understand how a qubit can convey information more efficiently than a bit under the right circumstances. Thank you!
    If anyone wants a more mathematical explanation of Hadamard gates, this talk does a pretty good job:

  11. Perseverer One says

    Yeah, big amount of neurons time.

  12. Rexy says

    I… didn't understand any of this, but I still liked watching it.

  13. bnr says

    i found an ad over half an hour long

  14. HDlukTV says

    I unterstood everything in the video but then you said that qubit x magically flips from right to left and then I was totally confused…

  15. : says

    Or do I?

  16. Master Chef, but there's no I says

    This might be random but… I feel like you're dani, a youtuber who makes games and stuff…

  17. Moby co says

    In other words
    "Take a Guess" .

  18. Sondre Ulvik says

    Very interesting but how do I pay taxes?

  19. Alex Shi says

    "Quantum computers can't do anything that classical ones can't"

  20. Sergej Knezevic says

    Title: You dont know how a Quantum Computer works!
    Me: cries in binary

  21. Rakendu Raj Vallabh says

    You should have mentioned C and D were quantum "And" and "Nand" gate so the inputs multiply

  22. Vasilios Hatciliamis says

    So if I understand this correctly, with this solution we can still never know if the circuit is of type A, B, C or D? We can only see if it is "Laid-back" or "Needy"? So we still need to query the system twice? In that case we haven't done anything better than a classical system… Or am I missing something?

  23. The Herobrine Killer says

    I am even more confused after watching this video

  24. Brave Fire says

    13:18 i was expecting a Nord VPN sponsorship right there.

  25. milikest says

    The most understandable quantum computation video ever!!!

  26. anonymous anonymous says

    ?‍♂️ .. ight imma head out

  27. Chau Ngoc says

    Thank man! You explain very clearly how quantum computers work, I get it now. But there is a part that I don't understand,
    which is:
    – WHY AM I WATCHING THIS VIDEO ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  28. Dushant Dhakne says

    Yes I Don't know,
    Thats Why I came here.

  29. Michal Duňka says

    what in the fuck?

  30. Rodrigo Alves Borges Lima says

    About floating point representation of irrational numbers overlapping using qbits. Is it possible to represent, for example, sqrt (2) without loss of precision on a quantum computer before reading and collapsing the overlay?

  31. Delany says

    Thanks for your effort making this video, it helped me understand quantum better. But I don't buy into all this mysteriousness and elitism of quantum. If concepts are explained in the correct sequence, there's no reason why anyone shouldn't understand them. That learning sequence should start with explaining every pertinent property of a qubit. Its not clear why you chose the label "right" for a qubit in superposition until we reached solution time, when you introduced the possibility of a qubit being "left". This is counter-intuitive for anyone who has worked with sign-less bits and should be addressed up front.

  32. The Covenant says

    Wait a minute ,if i dont understand quantum mechanics does that mean i know it or i dont ,but deep down i know i dont know a heck about it ,but if i say i dont know quantum mechanics am i in superposition state of 4 possibilities where i know quantum mechanics,i know a little about quantum mechanics,i dont know a little about quantum mechanics ,and i dont know anything about quantum mechanics .
    But what if i say i know quantum mechanics ,does that mean i dont know quanyum mechanics or i know quantum mechanics or in between .
    But i already know the answer to that and i left it to you the reader to find out ,tricky ah .

    This is short written form about the shitty video above .no one is going to get anything out of it.

  33. Yashua Evans says

    Couldn't you use normal bits to emulate a qubit. You could have a huge array of qubits, with each storing either a 1 or a 0 with additional probability data tacked on. If you want to entangle 2 qubits just add more information saying adopt the state of an entangled qubit only if its state is 1 or 0 with no probability data. All these "quGates" could be programmed in, using if statements. If someone know all the behaviors of these quantum particles you could build a "fake" quantum computer out of a regular one, without providing the conditions needed with a "real" quantum computer.

    The only real question with this video is, how do you get an answer and what kind of data would you provide?

  34. Rahi Narang says

    I understand quantum.

  35. ALFHA OMEGHA says

    ny friend i,m from indonesia and you from america .if i go to america what am i…a citizen or a toerist….so my friend i will always be a 0 and you will be the one or vice versa……..i think i understand Quantum Computers

  36. Lance Tschirhart says

    Ohhhh, so quantum computers are magic? Cool, thanks.

  37. vgfx_labs says

    when I feel like someone is watching my deep understanding of quantum concepts it vanishes.

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