Young men are struggling to adjust to a healthy life style due to lack of fatherly role models


A study that includes over 78 articles over the span of 40 years shows that from ages 0 to 3, having a father present to teach critical skills is now lacking for emotional stability.


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  1. D é n k C h r i s says

    I grew up without a father and certainly it made me more timid until I noticed my behavior. Growing up without a dad is no excuse to be a moron who blows money on only fans, remain accountable for your actions. Police yourself, it’s one man job fellas.

  2. Orlando Lazar says

    I have many emotional issues with menthal issues in my genealogy, , my dad was sailor and an alcoholic, I used to see him for a couple of days per year and my mom was an emotional mess… But fck me if i'll pay women just to fake some emotions for me… How stupid are these guys???

  3. Liffy says

    PB&J instructions brings back memories. Had a class during my instuctor (electrical apprenticeship) training
    at University of Tennessee back when I was teaching. Not only do you need to be precise when explaining
    subjects, but be ready to come up with alternative teaching styles as everyone learns differently. I know I'm
    getting off track BB's message

  4. 3165dwayne says

    He's why I don't blame women all the way. Dudes like this exist and women know it.

  5. John Saf says
  6. Jordan Breon says

    I have four kids (11, 8, 6, 6) and let me state unequivocally that they desperately love horseplay. Both my daughters and son. My wife initially would get upset when my eldest was 3 or so because I would throw her up in the air and catch her on the way down. Obviously I wasn’t tossing her 15 feet in the air over concrete or something. She would wait by the door for me to get home, wanting to “fly”. What it did was build trust with my kids, that I wouldn’t drop them, but also helped them deal with situations outside their control. Initially each one would twist their bodies, swing their arms and legs, so I would stop because they could hurt themselves or me. But they really wanted to fly, so they quickly learned to remain calm and fall down in a way that was easy to catch.

    When my eldest started diving, she was way ahead of the other kids because she was used to remaining composed in the air. That’s just one practical benefit from one type of play. It’s something my wife would never do. That’s why fathers are so good for development.

  7. LeavesUselessComments says

    If you want to destroy a civilisation, remove the fathers. It's almost like somebody has a plan….

  8. Alex Doe says

    I am 40 and glad that l am not a teen male today. Must be a lot worse than the teen years l had as a male 20 plus years ago.

  9. hsproyaya says

    Muggsy Bogues is big mad lol

  10. Sench says

    And this is what happens when you remove god from society. – your friendly neighborhood atheist

  11. Awesome Err says


  12. Meek Adam says

    How can this simps get so much money they dont deserve this money

  13. Monkey In A Dress says

    When you are not getting something at home, you go out and look for it. What about that is so hard to understand? If you don't have a father figure telling you what's what, or a mother showing compassion and love, then there is a problem. I am so sick of hearing about these people looking for validation in strangers. Both men and women do this shit, obviously. How many times have you heard a woman going out shaking her ass because her dad didn't tell her she was beautiful? Families are the foundation of society. Broken homes produce broken people! No one is born a simp, crazy, racist, self-hating, and everything in between. If you have a happy healthy home where your parent(s) (doesn't matter if they're married or not, they can still make it work) tell you they love you, you are beautiful and deserve respect, there is a high chance that child will be happy and do their own thing, and not need anyone else to tell them what they already know.

  14. Fernando Tillman says

    i was five ten and can dunk yet i still suck at basketball

  15. Tingle Mingle says

    Love you Dad!


    Any man who pays women money for online pictures and videos is more than stupid, he's a 'bottom of the barrel' gullible loser. If you think you have to spend money to get a girl, YOURE DOING IT WRONG!

  17. Katajiro says

    Simping is a mental disorder.

  18. Paul Keating says

    I have to say, I think the mockery may have been the better response. The guy is a simp of the highest order, he needs to know what men think of him. It will sting initially but next time he gets his debit card out he may think twice when that emotional embarrassment kicks in.

  19. Elohim Rules says

    Glad I'm a subscriber. Nice vid brother.

  20. dan M says

    YT unsubbed me

  21. Stephen Powdexter says

    Talking about cam girls? Well, they offer a direct personal experience unlike a video. If a guy pays a certain amount per minute he gets really personal attention and maybe sharing cams. He might fall for the trap of paying way too much however.

  22. Mike S says

    Everyone wants to attack this guy, but I actually totally get it. I went through a horrible divorce with my wife, she had an affair with my best friend for months, and then kicked me out despite my full-time work ethic. After that, I got aggressively obsessed with gaining the approval of women, I resorted to tinder, and performed many acts im not actually proud of, because they werent really mutual. Then one day, I plunged into the dark world of webcam girls. I simped like hell after less popular, but still pretty girls, and would seriously dump a few hundred dollars on them (there were three, so it was only 1200 bucks or so), just to get them to tell me I made a difference for them….I dont know if it has anything to do with my relationship with my father, but I can absolutely attest to that some simps just have trauma that lead to mental issues, and its like their vice.

  23. Methane Springs says

    Women give it away for free. Hit the gym and get a little confidence.

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