Your health is governed by your Environment | Prof. BM Hegde | TEDxIITHyderabad


What part of your illnesses are genetic, and what part of them are environmental? B.M. Hegde breaks down misconceptions about health, and leaves us questioning what health actually means.

Professor B.M. Hegde is a medical scientist, educationist and author who has contributed immensely in the field of healthcare medical science, and is known for his holistic approach. He has been bestowed the prestigious Padma Bhushan award in 2010. He works towards putting together a system of medical care delivery which is authentic, inexpensive, patient friendly and easily accessible.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. santosh penmetsa says

    Super ? ??

  2. Hemant Meena says

    plasibo effects is the best

  3. Shivam Agn says

    Mind-blowing his every word and lines has meaning

  4. Dwarka Rathi says

    NO FACTS all BS

  5. Avinash Kumar says

    Sir, u are real man to this world.
    I guess there may be some people who critze him.

  6. neeraja pinky says

    Sir meeru maa Pedananna laagaa unnaru

  7. Fathama Zaherra says

    Main logo of vtu is first be human
    Sir I have been seeing this logo only on vtu of belgaum

  8. Fathama Zaherra says

    B m Hegde
    Do u think that Sadhguru principal of telling only observe the nature around u that's all
    Are u in contact with him
    Plz tell me sir

  9. Sandeep Garshakurthi says

    Tq sir

  10. Vachana Hr says

    Very very nice sir.. this made my day. Thank you ?.. stay blessed sir

  11. leela sr says

    All public speakers target politicians. Why? The same kind of illness they suffer exists with others also. Academics, doctors, advocates …who is free of the vices.

  12. Mallikarjunaih Y says

    Good medical advice to all,
    Very much impressive with facts,
    Follow our Dr. BMH daily, Improve your health as well wisdom.

  13. Vishal Morajkar says

    1. Enthusiasm to work.
    2. Enthusiasm to compassionate.

  14. Truely Indian says

    Heart attack and sudden death of parents due to heart related disease increase your risk of heart attack…..

  15. Renukamurthy B M says

    Good information

  16. Sudharsanan Srinivasen says

    Dr I am adrent fan of. If I were your known at early years I would take science and become Dr. Now I am a teacher .surely not bothered. Even now I am probogating your speeches after I imbibed it completely. It makes me more pleasure. Thank you sir. Can I talk you sir?

  17. Manav Hans says


  18. afreeha jawad says

    Sadguru and you are a celebration to mankind

  19. Saby Colaco says

    True …Doctors and Drug manufacturers are hand in gloves….in today's World ….

  20. Namah YOGA says


  21. Mohammed Musa says

    ??? be careful his beautiful speeches will take every follower of him to vote for (BJP)

  22. Fathima Farahna says


  23. Debu Banerji says

    Immense love and respect Sir ❤️??

  24. ROY 000 says

    We=wellness .

  25. Shiva MH says

    What if the person doesn't know anything about morphin. And he gets relief from morphin. This manipulation of information doesn't works

  26. Shiva MH says

    But what about the genetics. I look like my parents and similarly my internal organs are of same strength as of parents. So obviously I might inherent some disease.

  27. DarkMistikAngel says

    I'm pretty sure that what this man is saying is pretty interesting but his accent is so heavy! I don't understand a thing of what he is saying. This vid should have subtitles.

  28. Ashwini Rana says

    Plasibo effect

  29. Bakchod Biker says

    Wow..great speach. We want people like him in the medical fields.

  30. suchandan maity says

    Sir great speech which add value.

  31. Diksha Sureshe says

    "Mind your mind and that will mind your illness and wellness "

  32. Rin S says


  33. arif ali says

    Salam and Salute to Dr. B. M. Hedge. You’re a savior and a lighthouse for all those who seek light. Thanks ? a lot. Jai Hind. Love ❤️ from USA ??.

  34. R R says


  35. Ash Sahota says

    Excellent man

  36. Dr. Ketaki Deshmukh says

    Dr. Joe Dispenza's book- "You are Placebo", a must read that reflects sir's speech…

  37. Yoggi Saini says

    14:50 ❤️

  38. Yoggi Saini says

    12:00 ❤️

  39. Kandavelraja P says

    Awesome sir. Please spread the word to every indian. Ayurveda is the best of India

  40. Anitha Girish Viswanathan says

    Appreciate ur intelligence….i wish govt makes it manadtory for growing up children to listen to ur speeches daily else they would b fined….all our children would b growing up healthy

  41. adikari Sri lakshmi says


  42. mhlakhani says

    Check up means you will have several diseases and live on medication and at the mercy of doctor who are money making machine

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