Z80 Homebrew Computer


This is a demo video of my homebrew Z80 microprocessor based computer. The project is still under construction, but some functionality can be allready seen on the video. If you have any comments or questions – please leave a comment below !

Check my blog for some additional information an schematics:

There is also a thread on elektroda.pl forum (in polish language):

ROM Monitor sources in Z80 assembler are available upon request.

Video with more readable text:

Source: https://jamesmartinlive.com
Read more all post Computer Technology : https://jamesmartinlive.com/computer/
  1. Some Can't says

    Great job. Awesome.

  2. kikong80 says

    can it run starcraft III?

  3. Paulo Constantino says

    How did you make the keyboard?

  4. Alexander Keith says


  5. Collin says

    Who is the music by D:?

  6. Paulo Constantino says

    It seems you wrote the OS?

  7. Saverio Russo says


  8. Steven King says

    Nice project! I like the music too…

  9. Android Lg says

    You made an awesome job, congratulation =D
    I would like to start a project like this, but I'm not sure how to start…Could you give more information about the making? You made the software and hardware ?

  10. edgeeffect says

    Cool project… good soundtrack too!

  11. D3nX says

    Very nice,good !

  12. Fariz Adnan says

    Mr ciernio this is one hella awesome job. The integration of a display unit is just another awesomeness in it. Keep that hard work, it inspired me to also build one!

  13. DestructionGaming says


  14. Meepbob says

    very cool!

  15. Matthew Cook says

    This is great! Do you have any more information on your homemade VGA card?

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